Know Your Mermaids: H2O Just Add Water, Rikki Edition

Rikki the Mermaid

Rikki, from H2O, Just Add Water

Rikki Chadwick is the mermaid with light blonde hair on H2O, Just Add Water.  My daughter found this show on Netflix, and we have met many fans looking for tails.

Rikki lives with her dad, and is the most direct girl of the three main characters- sometimes she is sarcastic and she is a bit of a risk taker.

Rikki’s hair is light blonde, she has blue eyes, and her tail is a gold/yellow/orange with matching top, just like her friends.

(I got the photo from, which is a wealth of information for any fan!)

Mermaid Foods for Children!

Mermaids eat just like you and me but for some reason their food looks so much cuter, right?! Each of these recipes are super simple and perfect for an at-home play date or birthday party. Click on each picture for a tutorial on how to create these special mermaid foods.

Starfish Pizza and Sea Shell Pasta

Deli Sushi

Sand Pudding

Oyster Pearl Bites

Clickety Crab Croissant

Let us know how your mermaid enjoyed their food!