Mermaids DO Exsist!

Well at least at AppleJack Apparel…Each and every day a new, gorgeous mermaid emerges thanks to our bright and shiny tails! We’ve been getting some really great photos on our Facebook page recently and I think it’s time to share them on here. And let me just say, our followers are some pretty talented photographers! So sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous, real mermaids of AppleJack Apparel!

This is totally Ariel’s Mini-Me! This chic little mermaid has such beautiful sun-kissed hair that I’m totally envious of! Don’t you just adore all those sea inspired props, I’m especially loving that pink seaweed! Plus, do you see that pose she’s giving the camera, she has future mermaid model written all over her!

Lisa over at End of the Road Photography is hosting a photo shoot exclusively for mermaids this month and her own little beauty got to test out the first outfit and according to Lisa, “She wouldn’t even let me take her ballet bun out of her hair from dance class…she had to put it on right away!” If the other mermaids are this ecstatic as this mermaid I’m sure this upcoming photo shoot is going to be a hit!

Aloha! Mermaid Kaitlin washed up along the shores of  Salamas Beach, Hawaii. What a perfect place to be a mermaid!

What a splash-tastic photo! This green beauty is enjoying her new fin and is testing out just how water-proof it really is! (Which by the way all of our tails do fantastically in the water, just be cautious about swimming)

We’d LOVE to see how your little mermaid enjoys her new tail! Send us a picture on our Facebook page 🙂

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