AppleJack Apparel Reviews- 5 Stars All Around!

Words cannot express how appreciative we are towards you guys! We’ve been getting a ton of positive, 5-star reviews lately and I’d just like to send you all a big virtual THANK YOU for taking time out and showing us some love. We’re also very much enjoying all the beautiful pictures on our Facebook page as well! Most importantly though, we’re so happy that your little mermaid is enjoying her new tail!

Naomi T. is over the moon about the ease and uniqueness of AppleJack Apparel tails,  “We recently got our 5 & 9 year olds the swimmable mermaid tails from for their mermaid birthday party. They couldn’t even believe there was such a thing! They were so excited it made the whole birthday, and they wore them non-stop! They enjoyed posing with guests for pics, playing on the edge of the pool like beached mermaids, and then even getting in and swimming with them on. My five year old was able to wear her arm floaties and stay afloat with it on and maneuver herself around in the water, and the 9 year old was able to swim under and above water using the mermaid kick and butterfly stroke easily. I think she was surprised at how easy it was! The foam inside the tail would occasionally get turned around partly inside the material because of her kicking unbalanced but it was easily corrected and not too frequent. These tails were absolutely worth it and great quality! I think we sold several for the company just by being there!”

Amy M. found what she needed at a price that made her wallet happy, “Exactly what I was looking for at a price much more reasonable than other vendors. I have already referred several Facebook friends who loved my pics of my daughter in her tail.”

Micah N. knows a smile is a priceless treasure, “My daughter LOVES her mermaid costume! The smile on her face is well worth the money!!”

Kami’s inner-mermaid is totally wishing we sold adult sizes, “My twins had a mermaid themed birthday party and wore their tails, HUGE HIT! they love them. I think they are super cool too.”

Bianca A. may live across the ‘big pond’ but our mermaids are well taken care of over there as well 😉 “I got just what I ordered, in perfect condition and on record time (I live in Italy). Very very good. Thanks!”

Sandra S. is the mother of one happy and satisfied little mermaid! “Thank you so much for not only your great service but also for your great product! It was exactly what I expected it to be and my little girl was the envy of the party! I’m telling everyone about AppleJack Apparel 🙂 “

Anna P. may need to invest in a permanent mermaid cove for her granddaughter! “I would recommend anyone who likes the mermaid tail I bought for my granddaughter she loved it so much she didn’t want to take it off!”

PS. You can find all of these reviews on each of the tails’ checkout pages so if you’re in the market for a new fin we hope this helps you in your decision 😉

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