How To “WIN” at Camping with Kids!

ImageAt Applejack Apparel, we’re all about imagination. Camping is an awesome opportunity for little minds to grow and for grubby hands to explore- my kids are so impatient to spend time dirty, wet, and happy with their cousins this summer! We are going to do our best to avoid adding “bug bitten” and “sunburned” to the list this year! Here’s a top-ten list of our favorite camping “things.” Can you add to the list?

  •  Campfires (with sticks.)
  •  Muddy beach sand- that will inevitably wind up getting onto and into everything.  (also with sticks.)
  •  Water (for canoeing, swimming, and splashing. Ideally in a mermaid tail?)
  •  Pudgy Pie Makers and awesome Hot Dog/Marshmallow Roasters.
  •  Good, DEET free bug repellant. (that really works!)
  •  Sunblock and cool shades.
  •  Campfire songs.
  •  Easy to make outdoor meals.
  •  Camping crafts with easy clean up!
  •  Comfy Chairs with cup holders, and a cold drink by the fire.

Please share whatever I’ve missed!  Go get ’em, campers!

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